Throughout his teens, Kurtis’ musical abilities, his talent for song writing, singing and performing were explored, nurtured and developed, bringing him to a point where Kurtis’ name is tripping excitedly off the tongues of some very impressive people and a growing number of fans.

Kurtis, the man, is lead singer and founding member of Kurtis the band which has just completed their first album – “Kurtis Live”. Musical producer on this album, Murray Burns (ex Mi-Sex), loved the concept – “No-one’s ever done a live debut album before” says Murray. “It’s a fantastic way to capture the essence of this R & B music. There is a mystery in his songs, it’s hard to put a finger on just what is happening here.”

And the music is? Murray describes it as “soul/funk with a real Australian flavour”. But he also says that’s an inadequate description of music that really excites him as a producer. “I’m into songs, and Kurtis is a songwriter in the true sense. These songs have a really good funky rhythm, this music stirs my blood.” He says.

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