Kaliedavibe was a real success, playing venues like The Basement, recording an EP and often supporting the likes of DIG; Skunkhour; Cruel Sea; Renegade Funktrain, but became too much a drain on his energy and family life and took Kurtis to a creative rock bottom.

“We toured constantly up and down the coast and did 400 gigs in three years. I also managed the band, and was constantly flying home for quick family hits. It was a great learning experience for me and taught me discipline and dedication are fundamental to the success of a band.” He says.

Kurtis woke up one day and realized he hadn’t written a single song in 18 months, his relationship was suffering and he desperately missed his little girl. Coming home to Byron Bay was a rescue mission for his creative spirit and his family life. Sadly, that relationship could not survive and Kurtis hit his “dark night of the soul” period. It was a difficult time but he used it to write out his pain. Living in what amounts to a shed in a friend’s backyard, he gave himself to the process of healing by writing heartfelt songs, many of which have ended up on this debut album. He emerged after two years of prolific writing with a new vision, but no money

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