Luke Collin

sI first started playing drums one day in Year 7 at Kendall Highschool, before that I hadn’t really thought about music at all.After that all I wanted to do was play music all the time. Straight after highschool I was off to Lismore Southern Cross University. Once I was in at SCU I really got stuck into playing the drums and learning as much as I could about the world of music. During that time I played with Jim Kelly and Greg Lyons ( ex- Crossfire guitar and bassist) and learned a lot about grooving and playing different styles.I formed various bands at Uni and played countless gigs around Lismore and Byron. Now I am currently playing with Kurtis writing, performing and recording all around the Byron Shire.

Mitch Carey

I grew up in a small village called Lake Cathie, playing my sax in the primary and high school bands, town orchestras and other ensembles, I then thought I’d learn the guitar ‘ cause it was cooler. I was pretty shit at the guitar so I kept my sax playing at a good level and then decided to move to Lismore after high school to study sax and music I’ve been living in Lennox now for five years and have been playing with heaps and heaps of the cool cats in the area, loving life and living my dream, doing the only thing I want to be doing right now, playing music.

James Cox
I have played music on four continents and two hemispheres and have honed my craft in anticipation of an artist such as Kurtis. Music that celebrates the positive aspects of love and life is where my energies are focused at this time in my musical journey. I believe at this time, on this planet, the positive aspects of love and life are what is most needed in mankinds journey. Music of that depth is a privledge to be apart of.

Sam Shine
Music has been my passion as long as I can remember, longer than I have been playing. I began playing as a kid in an attempt to unlock the mystery and magic of the sounds I found so compelling. Music triggers the most important aspect of the human psyche – emotion, joy, excitement, brotherhood and friendship, tenderness, compassion, sorrow and love. Hopefully we have as a group, managed to capture these feelings on ‘Foundations’, feelings that have been and continue to be central to not only the story of this record, but to our journey as a group and as individuals. My greatest wish is to continue this journey surrounded by my brothers and sisters, to make more great music and take it out to the world. The life I live doing what I love most is a blessing, thanks for listening. I really hope you enjoy these sounds as much as we enjoyed making them.

Brook Rees
Hey groovers, thanks for visiting the kurtis website, stay for a while, check out da tunes and kick it with the crew. I’m fortunate enough to make music and live in and out with these guys, my closiest mates, where a pretty passionate bunch as you’ll see. For me, loads of things put fire in the belly and being a bassist has for a long time been one of the biggest. I’m definitely on a mission, the journey with my boys to make us dance, you and me. As well as being such a wicked way to charge up my life, free up my mind, I believe with music and dance, honest emotional expression we can continue this universal movement of reconciliation, as many of us do. So back to the funk, soon to come on ‘’ will be a bass feature “ The Bass Barn”, something of a zone for us aspiring bassist’s to talk shop, feed off each other to keep sending out dem sexy subfrequencies, also stayed tuned for some special links to wilderness and wildlife protection sites. Thanks again for jumpin in, wicked waves to ya, Keepin it real. Peace

My dream as a young boy was to be the greatest singer/sonwriting that ever lived. I still have this dream, but the greatest bit has changed. The truth is that I believe I have something special to offer , and that’s what keeps me going. I love writing songs and from this I get to perform as well as sing. Writing this record was just awesome, it was an amazing time in my life. Music is a great thing to have around, from it so many beautiful things happen, and on that night last year we created something special, our first album, Foundations.


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