When your loving me how does it feel
I’m caught up in something I believe’s real
I can’t stop thinking, thinking about you
Hand’s up,shout, cause it’s laughter
Do you know, I don’t think you do
You loving me makes me feel like I could
Your right,your one for me, cause I know
Cause it’s right
Don’t you know that you
Will always love me, love me like you do
Don’t you know that you
Will always give me something I believe in
Cause you know,cause I know,
Cause you know,I know, we are
Feeling something that you know that you want
Where people just living life having fun
U can’t tell me that our love is so good, cause I know
That it’s right
You’ve got something I want from you
You’ve got something so cool and new
You’ve got something I feel for you
Cause love I know you’re their for me
Cause you know etc
The magic of love fly highChorus
Outro –

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