Verse 1
Comes a time when you know that you must let go
No more crying
And you think to yourself that it could have been so much more
Ain’t gonna die worrying
Verse 2
Lost in the thoughts of mine, never did I feel “was it real”
Whos’ to say, I don’t know anymore
But you go with it cos theres’ no other way
Free yourself up and live each dayChorus
Don’t beat yourself up about it
Sometimes you must look inside, to realise
Don’t beat yourself up about it
Time will tell you and you will come alive
Verse 3
For some people, for some people, they don’t know where to go
You’ve lived your life in the arms of one and now its undone
So many times, don’t beat yourself up about it
Don’t take it on no more, for sure
Verse 4
You can’t tell me what to do, you can’t tell me what is true
All I am for you is something that is there
Cause I don’t want to be afraid, cause I still love you everyday
But together it ain’t no good and yeah you know
Outro –

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