Verse 1
When will we know
Gotta find something, that tells us who we are
Cause things change, things change
And we have no idea of who we will become (so don’t look so far)
Verse 2
Cause our time and what we believe in
Is what we need to look upon, because it is good
So many times you feel, you think, you know, you can
but you lie down
it’s a journey man, understand Chorus
Who we are
x 4
Verse 3
Don’t think its something, its nothing
Its everything it should be
As near as you think you are, your far as far can be
For this is good cause its what you want
Day by day, who we are,what we say
Outro –

Who we are
Message in a bottle from afar
Who we are
Countdown, man you know you are( you’re far)
X 2

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