Verse 1
You were the one for me, it was plain to see
Everything I could wish for and more
Which way should I go, confused feeling like I don’t know
It’s happening to me
Verse 2
So where do I turn, make a move a chance to learn
Who knows, you know, I know for me
Cause if you want from me, take a look for this could be
Something more for you and meChorus
When I look at you I just don’t know what to do
I just catch my breathe and baby run right after you
X 2
Verse 3
And girl you know what I think of you
If their was a chance could it be with you
Cause I know your more than they say you are
Baby you want something then come and take from me
Cause love will see, you’ve got opportunity

Everybody wants to be you
Their crying out for something more
You’ve got such imagination
That’s bringing everybody aroundTell me what you think I need to do
To make it through to you
Verse 3
I’m feeling like I think I should
Everybodie’s telling me I could
Oh this could be
Outro – (Bridge)

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