Intro –
Love is A in ya
All that you do yeah
X 2
Verse 1
So many times, it comes around
You know it, you show it, you can’t believe how you feel
Nothings’ wrong cause it is real
Why you, why me,
Love is the key, for you to be
Verse 2
When you feel you can take no more
When you’re down and out, love for sure
All you got to do, is remember who you are
Think you can, you’re the man,
Love is in YaChorus
Love is A in ya
All that you do yeah
X 4?
Verse 3
People down thinking which way to go
I’m a thinking man, but I like to take it slow
Love is something you can’t take away
Breathe my friend, better forever
Everybody knows
Everybody shows
X 2
Outro –

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