Verse 1
When I wake to the sound of pouring rain
Am I to wake and think that this is kind of strange
To many people trying to work it out right now
I think you better go with the flow and take it like the man I know
Verse 2
I’m not trying to tell you what I think is right
Cause I’ve got the cause that I’m looking for, cause I can’t come back no more
we are all people walking, we are people talking
So don’t think its strange when a man walks up and asks your name
Verse 3
Sometimes I think the world is down on me
You’ve got to let go, jump on board with the people you know
I can’t seem to find the reason why
You’ve got to look up, look real highPre chorus
Ah, I really want to know
What am I doing here
Ah, I really want to know
I can’t find the reason why
Talk about strange things..and what does it mean to meTalk about strange things

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