Verse 1
Freedom is the thing that makes you happy
You’ve got to live to make it right
We’ve got to choose it if we want it
Because its me you’re looking for, freedom for sure
Verse 2
Nothings gonna change your mind, because you’re feeling fine
You we’re the one to make it right, when it was wrong
Never did I know, it was gonna be that way
We’re looking for a better day, when we can say
Really wanna know why
But you cannot say
Really wanna know why
So turn up the nightChorus
Freedoms’ got my heart
Freedoms’ got my soul
Freedom is the thing that I wanna know
Verse 3
Who do you think you are, you’re a big bright star
You’re better than anything they can give to you
You never thought it would be, anymore than it could be
Time to understand, time to be your own man
pre-chorus & chorus instrumental
Na na na na na na
Na na na na na
Na na na na na na
X 4

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