Verse 1
Fat city gonna want cha, gonna feed cha, because they need ya
Fat city ain’t about to breathe the city’s problems, cant U see
Fat city ain’t about to blow, go, many eyes will not know
No reason to explain, cause its just like rain.Chorus
Doing no wrong, doing no harm
Where is the backbone to it all
So forward you go, forward you will
there is no sense to it at allVerse 2
Crunch time in the city, its time to move, time to show the way
Never knew that I’d be so wrapped up in everyway
What do you do, what do you say, questions around you everyday
Its just the way it is, tonight
Verse 3
Cause I wanna know, you wanna be, fat city with me
Sooner or later your time is up your numbers called, stand tall
Just like a woman who likes to dance around the floor
This is a matter of yours, something hard to ignoreMiddle Eight
It could be so beautiful
Take a chance and it will come round to you
Skies are blue
You’ve got to shine to shine another one
Outro – chorus

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