Verse 1
What I hope to be, sunshine on me
Takes a while to realise, its not so easy
Oh I have a dream, that I could be
A singer in a band, play live music, bust a jam
But you can’t do that, cause it ain’t right
You gotta work for a living, 9 to 5
Until you reach the top and you’re number one
You’re just another muso, writing songsPre-hook
Its’ gonna be alright, love what you do
Because its something you think is trueChorus
Cause moonshines’ brightly for me
This is my chance to show you what I could be
X 2

Verse 2
Cause I don’t care, cause I know what I want from yeah
Its up to me to make it something
All of you, all of you, gotta make your way
Give it back something that its given you
pre-hook & chorusBridge
No need to worry, if that’s how you feel
Look to what you can do, your gonna make it through
Your time will come.

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